Skipness Woodlands


skipness woodlands flyer fire wood

Burning Skipness Wood Fuel helps us to improve your local woodlands now, for the future

There is a growing emphasis on wood fuel as a more environmentally sound and renewable heat source than traditional electrical and fossil fuel based systems.

Especially on a domestic scale in a rural area with an abundance of woodlands and windblow, using wood as a fuel makes a lot of sense.

Skipness Woodlands manages the local woodlands in a sustainable way to ensure a healthy and diverse future for all. It supplies the local community with soft- and hardwood and looks towards replanting a variety of tree species to encourage the growth of new woodlands, avoiding the quite destructive monoculture type landscape. We want to give back what we take for our use as much as possible.

Skipness Woodlands is run as a small, local business, with heart for the environment and the local community.

Burning Skipness Wood Fuel helps us to invest in your local woodlands.

Thank you for your custom!

01880 760 25201880 760 252


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